Getting extremely warm and dry? Looking for a cool place to escape the sun for a while?

Irene Palace's Tropical Pool Bar is our refreshing suggestion! Soft drinks, coffees or a chilled beer await for you right next to the pool.
Take your sit in the stools around the bar or lay back in the sofas on the side kiosk and enjoy every single sip.

Filimonas is Pool Bar’s iconic figure, always ready to assist and with a cracking joke for every occasion, we are sure you will enjoy every encounter with him as much as your drinks.

In need of some energy? Fresh orange juice is always available, made from local juicy oranges. Make sure to fill it up with ice for the most refreshing energy kick.
Ice creams for our little friends or for those in search of a sugar boost are also available.

Tropical Bar

Our signature Mojito is the answer to those seeking something more special, a mix of rum, lime and soda with mint growing in our gardens!
All drinks are available to be carried away in the pool, the gardens or the beach. So rest assured that enjoyment is guaranteed either when you are laying in your deck chair or wetting your feet in the pool or sea!