Aquarium Bar

Begin your evenings in the Aquarium Bar. In a relaxing atmosphere, you can either choose to sit in our air conditioned area or in the terrace enjoying the clear sky and stars while having your aperitif or drink.

Panos always delighted to meet and welcome everyone, running the Aquarium Bar since day one, aside from being the most beloved person in the resort, can also prepare some of the greatest classic and exotic cocktails! He will make sure you feel at home and will always be there to assist. You will never miss him behind the bar unless it is Wednesday, then you can enjoy him singing in our Greek Nights! Hard to miss right?

Cocktails, liquors and other alcoholic and non, beverages are always available till after midnight. Any special event, sport or social will be broadcasted in the TV for your enjoyment.

Aquarium Bar

Make your way to the Aquarium Bar and enjoy the ambience, or get your drink and watch the shows from our Animation team in our terrace right next to it. Either way, it is your night and we will make sure it is a memorable one.

Aside from cocktails a selection of wines and champagne is also available to accompany special occasions or any other unique moment.