International Sculpture Day (ISDay) aims to develop the understanding of the art of sculpture that contributes to the society creative way of thinking and a vital way of living.

Contemporary art in the city

A city with contemporary pieces of sculpture in public spaces offers unique experiences for the soul, the brain, the way of thinking and acting. So, the surroundings, the nature inspires the artists and further the sculptures inspire the citizens and the visitors. It’s not about just the eye pleasure but it is deeper and emotional. Because the piece, with artistic form and expression is meaningful in many different aspects. It may light once life through the interpretation of the meaning of the art.

Have you seen the three dolphins in Rhodes?

In Rhodes, the visitors and the locals can admire the three dolphins diving in the harbor. In Rhodes (in Greece in general), it is not rare to watch dolphins when travelling from one island to another. Those breathtaking marine animals are jumping out of the sea and follow the boat for a while. Such an amazing experience is provided by the Blutopia marine park. We suggest to enjoy one of the most important marine ecosystems in Mediterranean.

The three dolphins are made by the artist Mr. Kostas Neofytou a famous Greek sculptor/ poet. But he’s also one of the last custodians of ancient ceramic know-how. Because he generously transmits his work, an amazing heritage of history and tradition to the new generation.

A visit to the Art Park Rhodes

Talking about sculpture, I would warmly suggest Irene Palace Beach Resort‘s guests to visit the Art Park Rhodes. Located in Archipolis (approx 10km from the hotel). We make a short introduction:

Founded in 2006 Art Park Rhodes is one of the key hubs for creative arts in Rhodes, included sculpture. The Art park is a non-profit art gallery with free entrance. In the Art park you can see art works from international artists in the indoor gallery and in the outdoor exhibition space in a beautiful olive garden. But you can also meet artists in residency coming from all over the world. More information you get by Mr. Damon Papakyriakou.

Artists are coming from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. The residency is dedicated to providing a platform to encourage cultural understanding and artistic expression. So the Art Park Rhodes offers the artists space, time and food to help them concentrate on their art and projects. In this orientation, an exhibition place allows the artist to share their work after their stay is completed. But it also aims to international collaboration and communication between arts and artists. Updates as well upcoming exhibitions and events are posted on the facebook page.

Mr. Damon Papakyriakou