World Book and Copyright Day is a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. Especially during COVID-19 the books played a significant and beneficial role, not to leave us alone as well. Either for education/training or for information or relaxation, the reading excitement is the same for the book lovers.

Good thing is that there is no age limit for book readers or book lovers. A lot of people reconnected and hundreds of books changed hands or became the best gift. E-books or regular books were the inspiration outcome of the pandemic. I think we did our very best but there is never end to this.

In Irene Palace Beach Hotel,

the staff, we’re close enough to discuss our habits during the pandemic. Among others, books were a part of discussion either for historical themes or for stories. Professional books were the favorite of Filimonas as he took the opportunity for studies in the university applying for additional diploma. I had the chance to complete courses in the university in different topics so I’ve read the relevant e-books. History books won impression offering  us the opportunity to realize how we are all connectined under the same eco-system and how we should understand and help each other. The 200 years of the Greek independence arise enthusiasm and interest to discover details or hidden parts of the history. “To erase a part from the past is like erasing an equal part from the future.” Georgios Seferis, poet and diplomat (1900-1971).  He was one of the most important Greek poets of the 20th century, and a Nobel laureate.

Working on the tourism restart and the hotel opening by the end of May, I’m thinking how we deal with the books, the maps, the guides the visitors are searching when coming to Rhodes. All information have been downloaded in a mobile? Yes, why not? But what about the memories from holidays, the book gifts, the libraries that wait for new guides, books from museums, cooking books to host?

Taking this opportunity, I admit that I’ve got various cooking books from different places year by year and I’m very proud of them. I try recipes, especially with local herbs and aromatics. The land of each place is the gastronomy heritage. I suggest tastes of the Aegean, the “Aegean cuisine” . You’ll discovery senses and aromas from the islands. From the local cuisine we’ll able to come closer to the locals to comprehend the way they are leaving, the professions, the bonds between the members of the society, principles of the families, the history, the customs, the traditions, the culture. All in a plate, all in a cookery book.

“Story Telling”

The World Book and Copyright Day 2021 theme is the “Story telling”. How familiar is this in our life from the youth till the end. We listen stories in the family, in the school, then we read stories, we tell stories and again we listen stories from the elders in every aspect of the ordinary life. I always admire people that are good story tellers. I think they are gifted with the talent to fascinate the people. In Irene Palace Beach Hotel, there is always someone in the housekeeping department or in the restaurant who narrates nice and is always in the spotlight.

Greek mythology is the best ever story telling that is always accompanied by life lessons. It is the best way to teach the right way for the right thinks.

Places with the history, the nature, the villages, the people are telling us stories that are kept in our heart for ever. Rhodes is such a blessed place that keeps stories in every monument, every rock in the sea, every street, village, flower, hill, people. We invite you to discover the stories of Rhodes and then to make your own stories from the land.