Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22/04/21 annually to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it.

In the Irene Palace we’re highly committed to the wonderful ecosystem that surrounds us. We fell lucky we live in a very beautiful island blessed at all aspects.  Our efforts concentrate among others to a healthy environment through a healthy food.

We use local, fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits daily. More legumes and whole grain are protein providers, part of diet change in order to support the climate. Growing, producing, transporting and storing the food has an impact to the environment.  We learn the factors that affect the food print and we change what we cook, what we eat. It is a matter of health, a matter of culture.

We believe that together with our customers we’ll enjoy cooking and eating of mostly planet – based food. Acting will generate plenty of hopes everywhere. Searching for the tastes we try new recipes, we read traditional cook books, we listen to the elders in the family, in the villages. Our local cuisine is the healthiest for all of  us and the planet. For our guests is an unforgettable gastronomy experience.

The “Greek Breakfast” is the inspiration of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to connect the gastronomical wealth of the country with the Greek hotel guest experience.  The “Greek Breakfast” promotes the regional culinary heritage highlighting local specialties and products.

Policy for healthy people, for Healthy planet, includes reduction of plastic and collection for recycling, reduce of the garbage, waste recycling, short supply chain.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you, for sustainable, happy and safe vacation in Irene Palace.