Philosophical reflection from a distance of the current pandemic will help us to comprehend its meaning and to face the unprecedented situation we’re going through.

It is an opportunity to read and compare the philosophical quotes of the past with the present circumstances. To develop inner solutions dealing with the people, the environment, the principles, the values in life the meaning itself.

The lockdown in a way helped to make the complicated, simple, to evaluate health as a top priority, to redesign our life, to look for a reason to smile.  We succeeded to change the way we act on a daily basis obeying the suggestions and orders for health and security protection. Though we’re still in the COVID-19 era, we’re able to dream f.e. a journey to Rhodes. To think further of the ordinary routine about things that make us happy f.e. family moments with long discussions. What the kids are dreaming? Our background is the song of the sea in front of Irene Palace. This is not simply a relaxation it is the soul of the family members’ bond.

Epictetus was a` Greek philosopher of 1st and early 2nd centuries C.E. He was an exponent of Stoic ethics notable for the consistency and power of his ethical thought and for effective methods of teaching. Epictetus know that you can be good, regardless of who you are and regardless of when and where you live. Some of the Epictetus quotes follow:


You can read about Philosophy Day on, (UN) (UNESCO)

We call you to find out together, ideas, thoughts, philosophical quotes of great ancient and modern philosophers. To analyze them in order to strengthen ourselves, to be positive, efficient in what we do. To help each other, to work for our communities, for the common good, to care for nature, to support the ones are in need.

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