Watermelon Festival in Rhodian Apolakkia Village

Discover an amazing festival for watermelon lovers!

Every year , during the month of July, at Rhodes’ Apolakkia Village takes place a festival dedicated to a famous, tasty, sweet and juicy local product: watermelon! We can guarantee you that watermelons produced in Apolakkia are particularly delicious because here there’s the perfect ground and climate to make this beloved fruit thrive during its yearly season. During the Watermelon Festival, visitors can taste many mouthwatering specialties made with watermelon, watch spectacles and play games that have watermelons as a theme and also enjoy the nice happy¬† parties and carefree summer mood that distinguish this event.¬†

This year the festival takes place on Saturday, 13th of July.

If you love watermelons then you must definitely visit this festival that will unveil to you many new and amazing aspects of this superb summer delicacy!

Watermelon Festival - Apolakkia, Rhodes

Check out this awesome watermelon cocktail!

Most of you have probably tried Moscow Mule, an actually very trendy cocktail. Well, can you imagine what happens when you get a Moscow Mule and add watermelon and mint to it? The result is the most delicious, refreshing and scented summer cocktail you could ever imagine! Check out this video-recipe from Dietitian Nutritionist Emily Weeks! We’re sure you’ll love it!

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