Welcome to Irene Palace hotel in Kolympia, Rhodes!
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Welcome to Irene Palace Hotel

We, the people of the Irene Palace Hotel, will see to it that your stay in our hotel while visiting our beautiful island is memorable for its good times and dazzling views.

The Irene Palace is a "Guest Friendly" hotel. At all times a home for the holidays to the family, it offers rest and relaxation to parents, game and pastime to children. From your room you can gaze at the sea of the Aegean, while from the hotel garden you can dive straight into the crystal clear waters of Kolymbia Beach.

It is situated in the scenic, lush expanse of Kolymbia and it consists a vantage point during holiday making on the island, as in just very little time you can find yourselves at any direction or any spot you may wish. For that reason your children will readily follow you on your excursions, as they will be able to enjoy them and not get weary.


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